The second generation of our proven semi-automatic pile turner is available now!

High Capacity Pile Turner

AS 1000
The new generation Albo System® 1000 turns the pile by simultaneously clamping the platforms, tilting and rotating the turntable.

In one single fast and smooth motion, the pile is moved into the aerating position.

In combination with the standard programmable Aerating & Jogging System, a high speed and full function pile turner results.

The AS 1000 is fully equipped with
the following functions:

  • Single control safeball operation
  • Multiple operation semi-automatic sequences for turning, aerating and jogging
  • High capacity programmable aerating & jogging system
  • Flexguide flexible length side guide

Motorized Turntable

AS 1000 is equipped with a self-rotating motorized turntable, for the convenience of the operator.

Single Control Operation

When in semi-auto mode all operating sequences for aeration, jogging, and / or turning are pre-programmed.

The selected program is executed with one single control, the Safeball. This “hold-to-run” device confirms the AS 1000’s safety in operation.

In comparison to conventional pile turners, the cycle time for turning, aerating and jogging is considerably reduced.